Hose select bug and riot doing nothing about it !!!!

MSI Trials - House Select Bugs
This morning, my client was open before the MSI Trials missions became available. When they popped up, I opened my missions tabs. I saw four new missions, and I could accept all four of them. The client screen had not, however, updated to show the new MSI Trials info.
So basically me and MANY others had the same bug or error what ever you wanted to call it yet riot respond to this with this : *Sadly, we can't change the house once you picked it :(I understand that you miss-clicked it and you meant to choose something else, but it wouldn't be fair to other people to give you a chance to change your pick :/ -in other words we could and it is fair to do it but we dont want to as they said it to me *Sorry for the inconvenience, it seems like my colleague's words were interpretable and got your hopes up. We do not have the option to reset your pick from our system, so even if it would be 100% fair to do this for you and for the other players who didn't to choose the house of their preferences in the first instance, we will still not have the possibility, the option of giving you another chance to chose it right this time. :( So i asked about the winner: *Also you said you will declare a winner house yet how will it righteously be chosen when there are those like me and others who havent willingly choosed the house they wanted And wasnt this event supposed to be enjoying yet right at the begging there was a problem that is overlooked and the winner wouldnt be fair chosen *Yes, there'll be a winner for the Houses announced. I'm sorry you feel like you had no choice due to your technical issue, however I can assure you that all Houses have more or less an equal chance in winning ^^ -So by saying this you say well you had technical issue and we dont care about it in any way cause it doesnt matter to us and the winner wont be fair we know that but we will announce it any way Overall to this i had done 11/20 missions for this stupid event and next day i log in and a perfect surprise i have 6/20 missions done first we dont get help and now we get bashed is this truly the face of the support system that is supposed to help us How can you say the event is fair if you just deny someone to choose willingly and use the error for excuse that is just wrong !!!! {{sticker:sg-shisa}}
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