[Gameplay] Bots (AI)

OK, I am about to address many issues pertaining to the AI, so please forgive me ;]. For the first issue, I would like to talk about AI spells (Intermediate Only, since Beginners do not use spells). Since the AI update this year, Intermediate bots who take teleport do NOT use it for some reason. Alike, those who take barrier do NOT use it. An example of one who takes teleport is Nasus. An example of one who takes barrier is Lux. I hope this can be fixed. Also, recently I have not seen bots using Flash. I have no clue as to why this is. Also, since Karthus and Nidalee received their updates (VU for Karthus & Gameplay for Nidalee), they have not taken flash. Flash is replaced with exhaust, which they actually use. This does not bother me, but I don't think it was intended. Also, Karthus himself has a few glitches. For one, Karthus may use his E to be aggressive towards his opponent. Unfortunately, after using it for this purpose, he does not deactivate his E. And he will stand clueless as he runs out of mana and/or dies. I really hope this bug gets fixed as well. Moving on from the spells and Mr. Karth, I would like to discuss wards and sightstone. When down to their final items, some bots may have 1 ward left in their inventory. They will not sell this ward until it is placed, even if they have enough money for their last item. This is extremely annoying if it takes forever to replace it. Also, on a bot's first back, it will buy a ward if it has the money, EVEN if they are one programmed to buy sightstone. Unfortunately, the bot prioritizes placing wards via sightstone rather than by the ward itself. Therefore it will not place the ward unless it places all 4 sightstone wards (5 if upgraded). And as I stated they do not sell wards. I think that bots who have sightstone should not be permitted to buy regular wards since they rush sightstone anyway. Also, I would like to give some feedback on the bots that take sightstone. I am happy that some of the bots take sightstone; however, I do believe some should not, in other words, the champions that are more commonly played in other roles. I think the bots that should have sightstone replaced in their itemization are Lux and Zyra. I have them play middle lane more commonly than support, and I do believe that is where they function better as AI. That is all I have to say about wards. Moving on now to elixers. Since the elixers have been updated from 2 to 4 and changed significantly, the bots do not purchase them when they have their full build. I am sure this is unintentional, and it should be an easy fix when possible to do. Moving on to itemization.... eh the bots aren't so hot at it. When the new items were implemented earlier this year, they weren't too bad... pretty good actually :]. But now, because of items changing and items being added, they aren't so great anymore. I would like to suggest the option in custom games to "Create" the builds for the bots pregame as you add them in. For example, in a custom game you can adjust the bot's difficulty. I think a button could be added near to this one. It could open up a new menu for the bot with options like "Starting Items" and "Item Order." Other stuff like "Item Prioritization in Constructing Items" (like Chalice of Harmony --> Athene's Unholy Grail), "Sell Starting Item (if not an upgradable one) At x," and "End-game Elixers." I think this would be REALLY AWESOME. If it ever happens, I will be overjoyed beyond possibility!!! And finally, I would like to talk about Runes and Masteries. Just in case you do not know, (not many know this I think) Intermediate bots take five tier 2 marks, seals, and glyphs and one tier 2 quint. This means the bot is the at least the equivalent of a level 16 (not in skill, per say). However, they only take 15 masteries. I think their should be another intermediate class where they take 30 masteries and tier 3 runes. This will be more challenging and fun for more advanced players. These bots should be available in custom game to summoners level 20 and greater and available in Coop Vs. AI to summoners level 20 and greater. And also, I think that Zyra and Zilean's support masteries should be transferred to more aggressive AP masteries. Thank you for reading my post. Leave any comments below vvv. :] Have a great day! {{summoner:31}}
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