Runes Resetting

Hey, So for about a week and a half now, I've been dealing with an issue where my runes keep resetting upon logging in. Not really sure if this started before or after the last patch (before if I would take a guess) but its becoming a real pain in the butt. To give a little more detail. When I sign in, I see one of those blinking indication icons beside my profile, I click it and then there's an indication beside my stats. I click that and it shows the start of the season screen, the one where it explains how the season works and stuff with a start season button at the bottom. Now in addition to my runes getting reset, when i join champ select, my summoner spells are set to ghost and heal. Also all my skins are on default. I've had alot of issues over the years playing this game, mostly cause I play on a crap laptop, but never had this issue before. If someone can help me out, would be very grateful. Thanks
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