[CRASH] V9.1 Crashing randomly

So I was playing League all day fine then randomly the game crashed mid game. I wasn't the only one having this issue as 2 other people in my game (1 other on my team and 1 on the other team) also kept crashing. I could get back into the game for about 15-20 seconds then it would crash again. I closed everything else on my PC and restarted the client and still the game kept crashing. Before it crashed I would get a 1-2 frame skips then it would crash. Has anyone else had this issue since the 9.1 patch released today? Thanks to Aineasu for the crash report text "A critical error has occurred and the process must be terminated. This is usually due to the result of incompatible third-party software being installed on your machine. Please disable any overlay, streaming, or experience 'enhancement' software. Additionally, you may need to whitelist this application with your installed security software. If you need further assistance, please visit the support website for help."

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