[CLIENT] Spam clicking "Disenchant" disenchants multiple things

While disenchanting champion shards, I opened the window to disenchant my 4 Veigar champion shards. I spam-clicked the "Disenchant" button and noticed that it disenchanted all 4 shards, then gave me a prompt that it failed to disenchant. 1. Select a champion shard that you possess multiple of. 2. Instead of clicking the disenchant button once, mash the button. 3. Watch as all of those shards vanish and you receive an error prompt. I'm not sure if this was an intended mechanic since it usually closes the dialog after the disenchant button is pressed and only removes one. I received the correct amount of blue dust for all 4 shards and the client continued working afterwards. P.S. If we could choose to disenchant all of the shards that we selected, similar to choosing to open multiple chests, that would be great for the next blue essence sale. Thank you!

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