Diana's W bug when interacting with Yasuo's Windwall

Okay, so - I've dealt with this for years, and ignored it... Recently it has legitimately caused me to lose several very close fights that I should have won, and as such I decided to post on the off chance that it's a bug and not a "Yasuo Feature". Diana's W "Pale Cascade" creates three orbs that move around her(causing small AoE damage to enemies contacted), as well as giving her a shield. When all three orbs have been broken by making contact with an enemy, the shield is given again. If all three orbs ARE NOT detonated, they just fade away and she doesn't get the extra shield. Either way, the Cooldown doesn't start until all three orbs are removed. If they instantly contact enemies(Used in the middle of a wave for example), the cooldown is instant. If they fade away from not contacting anything, the cooldown starts when they fade. And anywhere in between - It starts the cooldown once all three orbs are gone. The problem comes when she interacts with Yasuo and his Windwall. If even one orb touches his wall, it's removed. That's fine. What isn't fine is that it being removed through this manner does NOT give the shield(Wouldn't expect it to.) and also DOES NOT put the ability on cooldown. This means that even though the wall might remove all three orbs the moment she presses W, it won't go onto cooldown. If ANY of the orbs touch Yasuo's wall the ability takes the full 5 seconds that the orbs "could" last, before it goes on cooldown. This is just ridiculous. It's one thing to not give the extra shield - It's totally different to take away part of my ability, AND lock me out of using it for an extra 5 seconds. Super easily reproduced - Press W as Diana near a Yasuo windwall. Orbs will detonate, but the ability WILL NOT go on cooldown for 5 seconds - The maximum possible time the orbs could have lasted. The cooldown should start as soon as the orbs detonate. Awfully tired of having to deal with this little mini-debuff that I have when facing Yasuo. He can not only lower my survivability in a fight by stopping the shield - But actually turn around an entire teamfight by stopping my ability to use the skill again as soon. Causing a character's skill to take an extra 5 seconds before it goes on cooldown just isn't a strength he should have. Thanks for reading <3 Hope to finally see this looked at. It's always worked this way, but it's gotten real old. That can't be how it's INTENDED to work. {{champion:131}}
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