VERY ANNOYING bug on Karthus since his rework graphic

I'm kinda mad because I lose another ranked because of a bug on karthus who happends **EVERY TIME ** you proc his passiv. When you proc the passiv, there is 1-2 seconds where you can't cast your Q spell. I lost many kills and many GAMES because of that bug. I know that karthus is not a very popular champ, but think about the player like me who does main him. This bug is present SINCE HIS REWORK and happends EVERY F*KING TIME you proc his passiv, it's not like a bug who happends 1games / 1000, no no it happends EVERY TIME you die in EVERY game you make. I already made on a post on a french forum 3 month ago, but apprently no one care and I bet if it was a bug like this on a popular champ like LB / Fizz it would be solved in less than a week. So plz, solve it.
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