[CRASH] Ward hop leading into bugsplat

Hey guys so this has been a long time bug, for me at least that has not stopped occuring for quite a while. Last mention of it was about 2 months ago back here by Riot Exgeniar **[ward jump crash reports]**(http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bug-report/1Y9gpsJZ-we-need-your-ward-jump-crash-reports) While I can generally reproduce this bug on champs like lee sin and even katarina, I did something new today and managed to crash the game while playing Ezreal. As to how it happened, It was the end of the game all my teammates except me were dead and the enemy was pushing down our nexus turrets. Unable to defend against 4-5 enemies alone I was spamming my abilities waiting for them to finish. I'd like to note that I had **BLUE TRINKET** at the time. So I'm spamming my abilities and items and when I press my BLUE TRINKET and afterwards my E ability(which is my blink ability for those who don't know) and the game crashed into a bugsplat error. So apparently this crash may not have anything to do with wards, but may have a connection to trinket's and movement abilities which instantly change your position. Also I'd like to note that I do not recieve this crash when playing at a normal rate, I usually get it when I'm spamming my keys. For example; I'm low health playing Lee Sin and I need to ward hop over a wall to get away from the danger. I'm spamming my ward and W key several times in a fast pace, I am able to put the ward down, but the game crashes before I can jump to it. Normal ward hops while I'm pressing the keys slowly and in order create no problem. Any chance anyone's been experiencing this as well, or any progress has been made into solving it ? Edit: I wrote today by accident guys. It's been a few days since I did this, but I just got around to reporting it.

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