Known issues with new champ select

Hey all, EDIT: Holy cow, what a day. We're back online after having to go down earlier. I've updated the list with some issues, some of which were able to be solved server-side (no patch required). Thanks for the patience. We’re sharing a list of known issues with new champ select to consolidate feedback and bug reports. Like all other features, we’re taking an iterative approach to new champ select, and will be building on the feature in the months to come. If you see anything outside these issues, post here! We’re planning to fix all of these issues over the next few patches. * Unable to purchase skins in new champ select. * Unable to select chromas in new champ select. * Unable to select ward skins in new champ select. * Unable to disable animations in new champ select. * Champion ability details do not show on mouse hover. * The “See more stats” button in the Leagues tab of the Profile page has been disabled for both individuals and teams. * TRIAGE: An issue with MMR-clamping at high-tiers of play was causing exceptionally high queue times. This was improved on 1/14 and again on 1/15 * SOLVED: An error on our end allowed for an exploit of the tier restriction to be bypassed in Ranked Draft. That has been fully resolved. * SOLVED: A matchmaking bug caused premade 5's to match against groups of solo players too often. This fix is now implemented * SOLVED: A matchmaking bug causing lopsided games was solved, expect slightly longer queue times because of this. Keep an eye on the patch notes and here for updates!
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