Neeko is more bugged than just her health bar; Playing as Neeko

So what I notice also that playing her hurts my frame rates. I'll play any other champions, and I'll get about 120-180 fps, but Neeko gets about 40-80. And I played Neeko before, my frames weren't hurting back then. As well as Neeko cannot transform back into her own form when in another champ's form. (the grayed out neeko icon) I have to do what I did before her change where I would have to use one of my skills to transform back into her original form. Her W as well, don't know if it's because of the frames, will stand still for a little while before running towards the direction I wanted it to go. I saw other discussions talking about her health bar. I haven't played against a Neeko to confirm, but I saw other bugs while playing as Neeko that weren't being address in those forums, so I hope it is okay to make a new one talking about it. Anybody else get the same bug?

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