[CLIENT] Match "Accept/Decline" Stuck On Screen

League Bug: Stuck on Match Accept/Decline
Uploaded by Pink Lloyd on 2019-06-23.
The title sums it up well, if not fully. I was in a queue with friends, and when the match "accept/decline" buttons showed up, they wouldn't register my clicks. While this was happening, I was hearing the bans and picks going on in the background, but for the most part, my screen was black aside from the "accept/decline." Eventually, the black background was replaced by the lobby, with my friends in it. Luckily one of the opponents queue-dodged, leaving me unscathed from this bug. This is the point where the video (linked with this post as an unlisted Youtube video) starts. Steps You Can Try to Reproduce This Bug: 1. Queue up with your homies. 2. Find a match 3. Try to press the "Accept" button, only for it to not register. Effectively leaving you thinking about your life choices. This bug has only happened this once, but I sure don't want this to happen again. No one wants to be wrongfully punished for queue-dodging a game they can't accept.
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