Karthus W - Doesn't give vision while dead/In Passive [Bug?]

Just as a bit of Context, Karthus's W - Wall of Pain is supposed to give vision to you and your team at the end bits of the wall. Makes for a decent (albiet expensive) scouting tool. However after discussing with a fellow member of the KarthusMains Discord Server, I had discovered that it does NOT give vision while you are dead/in passive. Now while it may be hard not to notice while in game because you might be in a teamfight or something similar, it might make a difference if you don't have vision of the enemy for that last second Passive Max range Q kill. Here's how I tested: 1. Ported myself BEHIND the dragon (between it and the back wall) 2. Put myself in passive 3. Casted W behind the wall. It gave me NO VISION whatsoever. I was just wondering if this is a bug or not? If so rito, can we please get a fix?
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