ARAM is seriously fucked up

I have about around 4000 ARAMS played. And let me just say, it is seriously fucked up in the RNG department recently. And with many other bugs that i will list, I'm pretty sure the RNG as turned into Rigged Number Generator. Instead of Random number generator. Been seeing the same champs over and over again regardless of f2p rotation. I'm talking 4-5 times in a row. 1. Snowballs are fucked up and have a delay sometimes, you press it, it doesn't go off, you move around a bit and boop, 3 seconds later it flies out, not internet related either. Nighthawk router, wired connection, 100 down, 20 up, no packet loss, no bullshit "it's not our fault" to explain that one. PLUS, it happens to EVERYONE who uses snowball alot, and they complain about it as well. Not just me, but many team mates in matches iv'e played over the last month or so have complained about it. 2. Emotes are broken. They disappear like you have none. Id'e say 4 out of 5 ARAMS you have no emotes. Definitely more times than not for sure. It's like a luxury to have the silly things. Not tooooo big a deal, but, it exists, and has existed since emotes came out. 3. Health pads are not visible sometimes. And the only way you can tell they are there is via spawn timers. FIX YOUR MODE. I know you care only for worlds right now, but fuckin A, fix your damn shit please. These bugs have been an issue way before Worlds, so no excuse that "we are to busy to know about it or fix it". Fuck off with that shit.
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