CANNOT LOAD INTO MATCH! Game does not load after Champ Select?

I was playing ARAM with some friends and things were fine until after the Champ Select. My client would minimize like normal but the actual game would not come up. As in, I could not see loading screen at all, and it was not available in my taskbar. I checked task manager and saw that the client was open, along with several League of Legends running programs (it would have that (3 or another number) next to the name, showing there were multiple things running under that name). After closing out of League and letting the game end, logging in again to play once more it would resolve itself, but it happened again just now. I do not want to be punished for leaving (afk) these games due to me being unable to get into game! What should I do, support team? {{sticker:sg-janna}}

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