List of all Shaco bugs. Ranked, explained and divided between abilities.

First of all, this is a long post. It will take quite a long time to read, because current state of Shaco with bugs is approaching Mordekaiser level of bad. Next I want to thank everybody who provided the footage of bugs, it is really interesting to see all weird things happening with Shaco. Lets rank bugs: Passive: Backstab **Mostly minor bugs that are worth noting only to get better understanding of other bugs and state Shaco is in. ** 1. Statik Shiv will not gain increased damage from the backstab. Importance 1/5 not many Shaco mains play with Statik Shiv since it is bad item currently, unless you have invested into Infinity Edge. 2. Passive will deactivate sometimes. On top of that every jungle camp has different turn rate. Wolves are extremely easy to backstab, while trying to backstab chickens feels like playing against Faker on mind steroids. Importance 1/5 Happens rarely and often only on a single camp. Q- Deceive **Bugs that happen on Q are few and far between, but when they happen they hit hard.** 1. Yuumi reveals Shaco while he is in his Q. **Importance 5/5**. Extremely hard counter synergy, that denies Shaco any form of initiation. In the video you will see that Shaco is being autoattacked while he should be completely invisible. And while on the viewing side you do not see him Udyr and Varus are slowly chipping him with autos. Keep in mind this might be variation of the next bug I will describe, because this bug has been popping in and out for a long time. 2. Ability randomly cancels and does not give stealth. There are plenty of variations of this particular bug. Sometimes the CD starts off, sometimes you are seen with shimmers, and sometimes ability will even trick you into thinking you are unseen. I will even provide further evidence since the bug has been around for quite a while. Here is another form/type of the same bug that manifests differently. **Importance 5/5**. While the buff is not that impactful in the early game, in the lategame you will get obliterated if it happens, since Shaco is extremely fragile and after using Q he has no way to escape unless he has boxes prepared. 3. Canceled Q-autoattack still reveals you. Importance 1/5 It is simply listed here in case Riot did not intend it to work this way. A good Shaco main wont be canceling his own autos very often. W- Jack in the box.(Bug in the box) **Probably the best breeding ground for all sorts of bugs. Lets start with something that is easy.** 1. Boxes do not show real damage they do. Importance 1/5 The fact that not a single person noticed this for so many years explains why this is like it is. If you go into the game right now you will still see the oldest possible icon on the box. The box will also note that it does 15 damage on AA. 2. Boxes are not being activated under towers. Importance 2 maybe 3/5. You will see that box under your tower, so you will probably deserve to be feared if you do not move out of the way. However still a weird interaction. 3. Fearing Yuumi (and possibly other champions) will not grant you an assist. Shitty footage has been provided by yours truly me. Importance 4/5. Losing so much gold is not fair to Shaco. 4. Box AI is completely wacky. Importance 5/5, significant number Shaco mains play top and support Shaco, and even jungle Shaco would benefit from having better, more consistent AI in the early game. For clarification we want the 2nd part. 5. Box wont proc sometimes. Importance 2/5. This has been happening ever since boxes got reworked. They also lost taunt on creeps and autofocus on champions. Though I have not seen this happen to me in a while, so it is possible Riot fixed it. E- The only bug on this ability is its very existance of negative damage. It is the only ability in the enitre LoL that will decrease your DPS at level 1 by using it. That should tell you a lot. Ok, sorry. Enough ranting moving on to... R-Hallucinate This ability is full of bugs like W, however most of the bugs stem from the inconsistency in the way the R is treated. Sometimes the game will treat clone like a pet and sometimes clone will be treated like a real champion. In my opinion Riot needs to choose one and push it all the way. 1. If Jinx and Draven kill your clone, they gain their passive. Importance 1/5. I do not know if this is the intended interaction, but the clone acts like a pet for various things (turets, pyke ult etc.) but it will proc some passives as if it was the champion. Would be nice to see what Riot thinks about this, because having a unit that acts like both a pet and champion is increasing amount of weird interactions. 2. You will sometimes continue taking damage in R, as well as block projectiles. Importance 3/5 Bug appears quite consistently, but the I think that it makes a lot of difference right now, since Shaco ulting to dodge projectiles is a waste of ult. For a year now Shaco has kill pressure only if he Q-Ults a target, which is sad but true. 3. There are several tricks to tell clone from the real Shaco. They are all nicely explained here. Importance 2/5. Good opponents will always find a way to tell Shaco from the clone, and in heat of the battle you wont be clicking Shaco to check his auras and buff order. 4. Clone (and every other pet in the game) can follow stealthed units. Importance -4/5 But not for Shaco. It allows me to follow Wukong, Akali and other stealthed champions consistently. I think this autotargeting should be removed in order to make the game fair for them. 5. Randomly spawning 1000 units away from the clone. I do not even know how this happened, nor how to replicate it. I just know that this would get you mispositioned in a teamfight resulting in a loss. Importance 4/5 only because it is extremely rare, otherwise it would earn 5/5. End word: If you have come this far, thank you for reading. What do you think about all of these bugs? Did I do fine job compiling and evaluating them? How often do you see them happen? Did I miss some important bug?
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