Blood Moon Capsules Bug

Yesterday my friend and I saw the bug on the store that allowed players to purchase the capsules for 1 BE each. I didn't purchase any because I thought that the capsules would just give an error when you tried to purchase them. My friend however did purchase them and now sits on 150+ skin shards 10000+ OE and 12 gemstones. He did buy the Prestige Aatrox skin and it was reverted however he is now running around summoners rift with Soulstealer Vayne as well as countless other skins. I'm not gonna lie i'm kind of upset/jealous because as a PAYING customer it sucks when I've payed real money to 'enhance' my gaming experience and others just stumble upon a bug and gets a free pass. A riot member said on twitter that the capsule bought with 1 BE aren't gonna be reverted but the prestige tickets are. As a loyal paying customer I was gonna buy a $50 RP for the new champ/skin and the firecracker Vayne skin, but now i'm not so sure. There a countless tweets about players getting 100+ skin shards, one guy even got 250 skin shards and 21 wtf. If you are gonna revert everything then i'll be really happy and i'll continue being a loyal supporter/customer, if you plan on leaving things as is its only fair that you compensate other players by giving them at least a few capsules..i'm not saying 25+ but more like 4/5 to keep loyal customers happy Update: He got the Prestige Aatrox skin when he re-rolled some skin shards and he now has it :) Sincerely. Otaku Neeko
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