[GAMEPLAY] Please fix Rek'Sai's ult bug

Ever since you changed Rek'Sai, her ult would go on a five second cooldown if your target died mid-channel (before she burrows under ground completely), but then when you overbuffed her, her ult has started going on full cooldown if the target dies mid-channel, and she doesn't jump. That's like if Zed started ulting someone as they died, and his ult just went on cd and he didn't get a shadow. This has caused so many frustrating moments where I should have been able to ult someone else and get the kill, but I can't because the person that I ulted was killed as I pressed my ult. 1. Ult someone as Rek'Sai. 2. Have the person die before she burrows. 3. Be sad because you get nothing for pressing your ult, except less than a second of being unstoppable.

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