All of Mordekaiser's abilities(Q/W/E/AA too) are bugged vs. minions! Please fix!

**_Please upvote for visibility!_** Us Morde mains will appreciate it when they finally get resolved; its been going on for over a year and a half, or simply his rework release. E: Here you can see his E landed on the minion but did no damage. W/Q: Here you can see his W does not deal damage to the left minion, and when I use my 3rd Q on it, the 3rd Q doesn't do damage(only showed red physical damage number + if it did the minion would be dead) but the basic attack still did damage. W/AA: Here you can see his W not landing again(very very common) and right after his Auto Attack lands but does no damage. For any Rioter that sees this, I notice that most of these bugs happen right after reactivating W, except for the W bug itself, if that helps at all for debugging. Also a major part of it, these bugs rarely happen vs. champions and never on neutral monsters. If you feel any of these are not a bug, write a comment on what you think.
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