Patch 4.17 Mega Bug Thread

Hey guys! :D The new patch is upon us, this could mean Elise and Kha'Zix sneaked out (they are bugs, see what I did there?). We can use your help! Help us find them! Please only report bugs related to the [Patch 4.17]( When reporting a bug, please include the following. It really helps us quickly identify the problem when we have these information, otherwise it could be very difficult to isolate the issue. **Type of Bug: **Gameplay, Client, Crash **Summary of the Bug: ** one to two sentences summarizing what the issue is **Reproduction Steps:** the steps required to *CONSISTENTLY *recreate the issue **Reproduction Rate:** If following the reproduction steps, what is the probability of recreating the issue **Server: **The server which you found this issue - PBE, NA... etc For performance related issues, please include your system specs. You can find an example of a good bug report [here]( Your help is much appreciated and Thank you! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **List of Known Issues:** * {{champion:96}} **Kogmaw raw string is displayed * {{champion:16}} Soraka does not have suggested item in ARAM * {{champion:16}} Soraka bot does not respond when she is low on HP * {{champion:266}} Mecha Aatrox's Q sound animation when landing is off/muted
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