Patch 9.14: Fallout 76 Edition

Bugs bugs bugs bugs bugs :) Some that I've seen: -electrocute keystone does not proc on any champs (that I've seen) -mordekaiser is practically invincible during his ultimate because you can no longer use your abilities or summoner spells like ignite on him -the new death recap isn't accurate and is misleading (Thresh Basic Attack, Graves dealing 1000 magic damage) -summon aery no longer shields you -picking kleptomancy will sometimes auto change to glacial augment (LOL) -can no longer use the task manager to close the League Client; it'll just come back! -Once Annie reaches her stun passive, she never loses it! -Bard's empowered autos no longer proc 2 charges of spellthief's -Qiyana abilities also not working as intended, AA cancels happen very easily {{champion:63}} "I'm on a short fuse." I think it's time Riot Games rolls this boulder back up the hill....
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