A couple of TFT bugs.

the first and by far the worst is when loading in It freezes up and says attempting to reconnect and I can't choose a starter champion, which can sometimes dictate your whole playstyle. The second worst one is if you alt tab out of the game you will get a black screen and it takes forever to get back into the game 3+ minutes when it happens to me. The other kind of bad one is the map not being centered or movable when in the carousel, you gotta click off and click back onto it to get a view of all the other players, lastly not so much a bug but the movement of the little legend is kinda janky. P.S. if a rioter read's this can we get a small info dump on what the chests do, like what determines there spawns and who gets them and for other players what those 5 empty slots mean on the other side. ( i know they are for interest now which is +1 gold for every 10 you have saved up.)
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