Constant Disconnects - Game is Actually Unplayable

When the most recent patch hit, I gave it a day before logging on and trying out TFT. When I did get into a game, I was met with a disconnect during the first champ select. Following that, I was getting disconnected every 30 seconds or so - I couldn't see my battles, couldn't equip items between battles, and during the second round of champ selects, I picked a Blitz and ended up with a Pyke O.o I figured maybe it was just a TFT issue, but when I jumped into a Normals SR game, same thing happened. I would get DC'd and reconnect in 30ish second intervals. This lasted throughout the game. I even DC'd before the game ended and got stuck on the Reconnect screen for 10 minutes. That was basically a drawn-out story with the moral being: Since the new patch hit, I've been getting DC'd from games every 30 seconds to a minute. Has anyone else been experiencing this? I really was looking forward to the new champ and new game mode but I can't actually play like this.

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