Game client doesn't open after champion select. Locks me out of game.

This is getting on my nerves. Garbage like this continuously happens. Multiple people posting about it, nothing being done from riot or helpful solutions being offered by players who got it to work. And then I get in trouble for "leaving the game". Leaverbuster if it happens repeatedly, or if people report me. Fix this. I'm trying my best to give my account a positive reputation when it comes to the tribunal. Even my friends get frustrated at me when i refuse to just alt+f4 a game to play something with them. But then I'm given leaverbuster when this shitty client decides to act up. I have nothing to do with this. And I'm tired of not having answers. I know this topic has been posted a lot within the past few days, but none of the threads have solutions or comments from riot. So clearly it needs to be seen more. Voila!~ /end rant
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