Alright I'm done, uninstalling until they fix the issues

Just got a leaver-buster because of 3 games in a row not wanting to load properly (not even opening the game itself, stuck in" game still ongoing" or shit like this). Bugsplat each time, "repatching" each time, meaning my team did have to remake. Emotes still not showing up. Champions unplayable because of bugs and totally ignored because "not popular xd", while others get "compensation buffs" because they're weaker after said bug is fixed. Client still shitting on me, can't load any page properly, always have to wait nearly 5 minutes for everything to load Runes not saving, ending with random runes on some champions Patching the client nearly killing my PC each time Death recap still being useless after years I'm uninstalling until they start fixing their shitty game, I'm running new games smoothly but this shitty one brings more issues than anything else I've ever seen
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