Client bug. Unable to create/join lobby, view profile, open shop/loot Sorry that it is just an imgur link, I just had to screenshot everything for proof. The second image displays when I attempt to open the shop. Things to note: This happened yesterday, but I restarted league, and it then worked properly so I saw no reason to report it; In this case, it kept happening regardless of how many times I try to restart it. I had two perfectly fine league games(one SR, and one ARAM) earlier today, and now it's is like this for reasons I don't know. Other things to note: I'm on a mac high sierra. I've been having frequent crashes either due to High sierra or the 8.7 patch(before 8.7 league was always fine for me, and I rarely ever bugs platted unless there was a widespread mac issue, but then I also updated to high sierra around 8.7 so it could be either) EDIT: in the first image, play, and loot are greyed out. Clicking on the shop results in the second image. Clicking on profile shows the third image.

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