[Gameplay] Azir Ult Removing a Champion from the Game Temporarily

This happened to a Riven on my team a few games ago. She was standing the in the tri-bush by dragon and got Azir ulted into the wall by the dragon pit. Instead of getting pushed through the wall or getting stuck between the Azir wall and the actual wall she just disapeared from the game entirely until the Azir ult expired at which point she reappeared and everything was normal. She may have tried to Q through the wall before disappearing but I didn't notice that. The riven player and a few other players in the game also commented on the bug, so it wasn't just on my end. I think the coding of the fix for Azir's Ult trapping people against walls must have some bugs. I haven't been able to try to reproduce this bug as I don't own Azir.
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