Maokai W-Flash Input Buffer Issues

Challenger Player Tries Out Maokai Move-W-Flash (Bug?)
Clip of Minishcap1 Playing League of Legends - Clipped by MrCaptainNemo
Issue with input buffering Maokai's W-Flash combo. When the bug occurs: 1. Issue move command in direction of target champion (this step seems to somehow cause the problem). 2. Press W on out-of-range target. 3. Flash into range of the target. Expected Result: Maokai instantaneously W's onto target once in range via flash. Actual Result: The flash causes the W input to be somehow ignored, and Maokai continues his initial move command. The linked clip shows a challenger top laner testing it in practice tool (I found the bug and gave him some bits to try it himself and confirm it was a bug).
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