Client Wont Stop Freezing... I DON'T WANT TO GO TO LEAGUE JAIL! :( #plshlp

Dear Riot and Friends, So i've never left a game afk EVER but now... all of a sudden my client freezes randomly in game to the point where I have to do a hard shutdown, its been happening consistently now for 3 weeks. Only this last time when the game loaded I was stuck looking at the "game still in progress" screen with literally nowhere else to go. (also i'm not playin on a toaster) So now i'm currently servin time with a 5 game 5 min low priority buster.. I know... lame... but what's even more lame is I can spend literally years without a single afk, spending thousands of $$ on this game, and the first time it happens I get a low priority?? bc of this bug... probly got reported, teach me to play with rando's.. anywho... -Tried Re-installing -Tried the repair tool -Tried clearing everything off my computer but league -Tried giving the game private firewall access -Tried not running anything but league -Tried the game bar idea sooooooo.... Still no progress. It still happens randomly as ever. Does anyone have a fix? Runnin windows 10 on an Alienware ssd with 32 gigs of ram. Please for the love of all things league help a brother out! Thanks in advance :)

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