[CLIENT] Queue Crash

I tried to join a game today through Team Builder. However, I disliked the team comp that I was initially placed into, so I searched for another group. I got an error message (I assume that the error has to do with the chat issues) but the queue restarted so I thought it was fine. However, when I found another group, there were several issues. I could not tell when other players entered the team, and I could not ready up even though the queue said that the other players were readying up. After the others readied up, I was kicked from the group with an error message saying that the server failed to respond. HOW TO REPLICATE: 1. Enter Team Builder. I selected the top lane. 2. Enter the queue, and join a group once you find one. 3. Leave the group using the Find Another Group button. An error message should appear here. Close the message. 4. Wait for another group, then join it. If you are not the last person to join, then there may be issues with seeing any additional players that join. The Ready button may not appear. 5. You should be kicked out with a "server failed to respond" or similar message.

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