cannot buy RP

Hello I can't buy RP because it is telling me I have exceeded the number of times trying to buy RP with a credit card Couple issues with that 1. I didn't even buy any RP today, although I did buy stuff a few weeks ago. So it says "use another method"... The other method I would use (paypal) doesnt even work because it won't let me click the buttons to change my payment method to pay and won't let me click through. I did recently start using WIndows 10, but that is the only difference. None of my financial information changed, my account is on the same geographic IP, and I even entered the security code riot sent to my email to verify this computer. To top it all off I went into ranked and I got an ADC that refused to attack. I doubt this ADC will be punished in any way. Anyways I am off to play another game, hopefully these issues can be resolved somehow in the meantime though, I doubt it.
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