[Loading Screen] If Alt Tab, loading screen is pitch black and you can't go to any other tab

Note: This has happened twice, so I believe that the steps to make it react like that again are as follows: On a hp computer, by alt tabbing after champion select into chrome or something, then alt tabbing back in, the loading screen stays pitch black and you have no idea of knowing if it's still loading or already in game Since it takes a few seconds for the loading screen to turn from pitch black to the loading screen, alt tabbing to another tab during that duration may have caused the bug. (yeah I was looking at opgg data) Applications open at the time were the Quarterback software from Overwolf where you do challenges to get coins for redeeming skin gifts, which sounded reliable since it's in so many youtuber ads, but perhaps that application may cause this bug? (chrome was also open) The way I avoided a remake was restarting the computer, but that causes the game to be at around 1 minute when you get into the game and so isn't ideal. This is especially problematic because it locks you into the pitch black screen of League of Legends. Using a second desktop tab and opening League of Legends there caused my screen to be redirected back to the pitch black screen on desktop one, and I couldn't close League with the x button or alt f4 to save the hassle of restarting the computer. Task manager could not be opened on desktop one because it was stuck on the pitch black screen with the windows bar, but every time you switched to another tab (excluding ctrl alt delete) the screen would be redirected back to the pitch black screen of league (it shows up for like 0.2 seconds and then goes back to the black screen, and no changes can be made because timespan too short), so task manager cannot be used to close league. (However, using task manager on Desktop 2 was not tested. Nor was opening any application other than league of legends on desktop 2) And in that exact game there was a rioter playing anivia mid, but didn't respond or reply to my chat because it wasn't gameplay related and it was a ranked game (fair enough...), so is it a known bug, or does it sound fake to people or what? HELP ME VANDRIL for your reference, the games where the bug happened were the tryndamere game that went 1/6/3, and the warwick normal game loss that went 6/6/4. so it started on around 26/3/2019. Should I uninstall/not open the overwolf/quarterback application? Or should I just try to remember to not alt tab? Does Riot know of this bug and is working on it already, or should I try and reinstall league? Would be really helpful if someone with the same issues/someone who knows how to fix responded.

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