After a 6 hour maintenance update there's still problems...come on really now?

2 days ago myself and a bunch of other people who made board posts were not able to connect to games when in the loading screen. after a day of not being able to connect i was able to connect to games perfectly fine yesterday. but after todays 6 HOUR MAINTENANCE update i go right back to not being able to connect at all. really? i know it's not easy to have a fool proof game but come on. i hardly ever get disconnected it usually happens once or twice every 3 or so months but having it happen twice in quick succession is just getting annoying and super frustrating to deal with. and it's not just myself looking at the boards history there's a bunch of other people with the same problem. and i'm sure there's lot of other people with the same problem too but they just don't make a board post about it. I love league but i just have no desire to play it when i can't connect constantly.

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