TFT classes bugging in and out

I don't have a link but i just finished a game where i ran Gunslinger, Nobles, with Glacial. I didn't notice til the last few matches but my buffs for them continued to disappear unless i took out the character and re-assigned them to a Hex. I had 3 Nobles out but to the left only appeared 2 and i didn't get the buff. I had 4 Gunslingers out but 3 would only pop up unless i moved Jinx out of play then back in. Same with Braum and Glacial. This actually cost me the game since i was focusing on Tier 3ing my jinx and didn't have enough time to take them out and put them back in. Please look into this. There's no worse a feeling than losing a game that should have been a win but a Bug took it away. Please and thank you.

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