disappearing masteries

so far this has happened 4 times in a row, first i was braum and i had changed my masteries right before the game started and when i got in game i had no masteries at all, i thought i probably hadnt saved them prior to the game starting but ive had games where i didnt save my masteries yet they still made it in game so i wasnt sure that was the reason. the next game i played bard and same thing happened MY MASTERIES WERE GONE. the game after i played fiora and i changed my masteries on purpose again, i made sure i saved them, i had everything ready then i got an error message, it said a problem had been encountered. i clicked ok and proceeded to play and once again, i had no masteries. this has ruined all my games so far and right now as i type this i just dodged a game because i got the error message again. as you can see this is unplayable and super tedious. please fix this its urgent
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