[Gameplay] A bug that exists in game for a year and still didnt fixed

*** **Nighthunter's Non-Empowered Q VFX missing...** (Empowered Q VFX works rly good) ***  - **[r/rengarmains](https://www.reddit.com/r/Rengarmains/) are trying to get your attention for almost over a 1 year, just to get this little bug fixed.. Because noone plays this skin anymore it sucks, you have no feeling that u stabbed someone with Q, its kinda clunky imo... Compare Headhunter and Nighthunter and you will see a BIIG difference.** *** **Mark Yetter said that Rengar will receive some QoL and Bug Fixes in future.** Rengar is on the list of these 20 champions that will receive some changes. [-LIST-](https://twitter.com/MarkYetter/status/1177015559851888640) "_We have been wanting to make sure every champ in league get some design love more regularly_" - _**Mark Yetter/Riot Scruffy**_ *** **"[_To be clear, this doesn't mean buffs some of these champs may be powerful already but in those cases we may look to fix bugs or just improve the experience in other ways_](https://twitter.com/MarkYetter/status/1177016267695247361)"** *** **[I also have a video of this bug as a proof](https://vimeo.com/322591326): ** **https://vimeo.com/322591326** ***   ** https://i.imgur.com/LD4ncDE.jpg**     *** ** That VFX exists on all other Rengar skins except Nighthunter, even Mecha have it... _#FixNighthunter_** ***
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