Can't report a bug

Today I noticed on my match history board that I have been missing XP on some games, total 12 games so far. Trying to report the issue, but keep getting error message the whole day. "We encountered an error while trying to process your bug report. Please try again in a moment", since I can't submit a report, I am just posting here then. No XP received games: (All ARAM) 1. Olaf (victory) 11-16-2017 2. Karthus (victory) 11-13-2017 3. Annie (victory) 11-13-2017 4. Annie (defeat) 11-12-2017 5. Nidalee (defeat) 11-10-2017 6. Nami (defeat) 11-09-2017 7. Caitlyn (victory) 11-09-2017 9. Kayle (victory) 11-08-2017 10. Vanye (victory) 11-16-2017 11. Kayle (victory) 11-16-2017 12. Kayle (defeat) 11-16-2017 will I get those XP back? 12 games missing XP, it's almost 1 level there.

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