Lost 3LP and got 5 minute que timer

What title says is what happened, qued for ranked match and top of client disappeared (home, profile, collection, store/inventory buttons gone) after I accepted the match it didn't take me to champ select. But apparently I was in champ select and went I went to close client to fix issue, I log back on to -3 LP and 5 minute que timer. I know its not that much LP and not that long of a wait, but it was still very annoying I got punished because of a bug. Also that 3 LP can be the difference between me having to play 1 more match to rank up. I don't know what you guys can do, but I just wanted to at least post that this happened to me. PS - Just saw that I posted about this same issue happening to me awhile ago, only with a 30 minute que timer.
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