Stable Ping Increase

Was playing in game when my ping suddenly spiked from from it's usual 20 to around 70ms. I've had ping spikes before, but this one persisted for the rest of the game, and the next, and several more. Its at a stable 69ms now (ayy lmao), with no signs of dropping. I have checked on different games, and my ping is at its normal value; It's just league. I know that people on the west coast live with the daily struggle of high ping, but I am just a poor easterner, unaccustomed to true league of legends gameplay. I'm reaching out to see if anyone else is experiencing this. Just want to figure out if it might be an isp problem (I've had them before), or if its just something wrong on my end. Edit: Problem has resolved itself. Seems like it was indeed an isp issue.
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