9.14 Bug Collection List (68 items)

1. Annie stacks lasting infinitely, CDR build allows permastunning 2. Qiyana's WQ combo does not deal Q damage 3. Cassiopeia's healing against monsters are 25% (Even when they should be 100%) 4. Electrocute not proccing (Works fine with autos, apparently) 5. Manaflow Band not proccing 6. Phase Rush not proccing 7. Alt Tabbing disconnects the game and disallows relogin 8. Swain can buy Zhonya's Hourglass for 3250G 9. A bug where minions won't fight each other 10. Glacial Augment bug (Runes being randomly set to Glacial Augment regardless of what you take) 11. Sivir W not proccing 12. Kalista's autos going off two at a time 13. Ryze Q being disabled (Champion disable) 14. Gragas' Q cannot be detonated with the second press of Q 15. Ivern's bush provides stealth even after it's gone, minions included 16. Yorick Q not proccing 17. Bot Games not working 18. Passive 3-hit bug, Ezreal with a Hextech Revolver doing Auto-Q procs Electrocute 19. Varus cannot proc his 3 W stacks with Q 20. Illaoi's Vessel does not transfer damage 21. Jayce E, Xerath Q makes teammates lag for 0.3 seconds 22. Getting hit by Jarvan's R lags the screen 23. Cannot change keyboard language 24. Skills procced within Mordekaiser's Death Realm are being procced in Summoner's Rift instead 25. Zed's Shadow does not use Q 26. Kassadin's W on-hit effect sometimes works and sometimes doesn't 27. Dark Seal can sometimes stack over 10 28. Camille's Q does not proc Trinity Force/Spellthief's Edge (Brand's W procs Spellthief's Edge's Gold effect 2~3 times) 29. Pyke's passive heals him even when he is seen by a ward 30. Yasuo's Windwall sometimes doesn't block skills as it should 31. Unending True Sight bug 32. Plants bug (They look like they're there visually, but they're not) 33. Aery not proccing 34. Azir's passive turret sometimes doing 10 damage to minions 35. Even when Kled misses Q, if he autos after it still does the 60% Healing Reduction 36. Lucian auto cancelling itself 37. Janna W's slow not proccing 38. Akali Q & R2 not proccing 39. Tryndamere moving randomly after E 40. Twisted Fate's stun not proccing 41. Karma's RQ's aftershock not proccing 42. Sejuani's R disappearing 43. Ezreal's W-E combo not proccing 44. Galio's E going through enemies 45. Spellthief's Edge not giving gold immediately 46. Auto-focused champions not proccing Hail of Blades when their ult is on 47. Caitlyn's trap being invisible (Only Caitlyn's motion is visible, trap is invisible) 48. In the pick screen, the ally chat looks red as if it were enemy team chat 49. Sivir's E not proccing on certain skills 50. Nunu's W sometimes taking double mana 51. Zoe infinite teleport 52. Taliyah E lagging briefly 53. Mordekaiser's unending DOT 54. Jayce E lagging briefly 55. Swain E being invisible on cast 56. Ivern's EE detonating immediately when done on Daisy 57. Jhin being rooted after 4th bullet 58. Khazix's passive proccing twice when proccing Duskblade 59. Certain Rage champions not losing Rage after using skills 60. Evelynn's Q being locked if Evelynn dies while casting Q 61. Graves' autos and skills sometimes not proccing 62. Pyke staying camouflaged shortly even when casting Q during W 63. Mordekaiser's Q sometimes not hitting jungle monsters 64. Vi Q not pushing anything back sometimes 65. Enemy damage not being displayed accurately on death 66. Mastery during loading screen sometimes not being displayed 67. Dragon sometimes resetting infinitely 68. Kennen's E being locked if Kennen dies while casting E {{champion:82}} : TO THE ROOM OF BUGS
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