QSS /Fizz Ult Bug

Fizz/QSS Bug
This is what I discovered today while playing
Hi today i played a bit of league. I was playing at some point vs a Fizz. Now i know for sure before you could use the QSS vs his Ult and just walk away after using it. FYI I dont know if this is a bug or not after all it may have been changed cz i dont really read the notes at the Bug section after every update. Soo yea i was playing vs FIzz and i just about had enough of his sneaky plays so i bought the Scimitar to my shocking impression I saw it didnt do JACK! Srsly ... I have uploaded a video of the game on youtube you might want to check it. Was about to write a ticket submission to Riot but they didnt have a bug report so i decided to write it here. I've heard that before it was a bug in the past of what I read on reddit. Hope Riot sees this if its a bug and fix it cz its frustrating to spend gold on an item that doesnt work ingame. Best Regards !
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