LeaverBuster is fucked. Please fix?

I recently just got hit with LeaverBuster after trying to get into a game. The loading screen took 5+ minutes, and, when everyone was finally loaded in, the game crashed and it completely reset the lobby and brought us to the "Game Over" screen where we get our stats shown to us. By that point I had already gotten the prompt that I had left and was being punished for it despite NEVER leaving the match. At this point I'm not even going to fucking bother doing those 5 "low priority queue" matches because it isn't fair in the slightest to be punished with leaverbuster for something completely out of my control, especially when I had done absolutely nothing wrong. Is there even a way to have that LeaverBuster shit removed off of my account? I'm 100% positive this has happened to other people and they got shafted the same exact way I did. NJ rito, pl1z fix maybe???
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