Riot, fix your shitty motherfucking game.

After waiting for 20 minutes 5 goddamn times (because of internet issues I may add) I finally got into a game of ranked. And what happens? I get a directx error which doesnt allow me to connect to the game. The bullshit is, I got a 30 minute, I shit you not 30 fucking minute dodge timer despite the fact that I haven't dodged in weeks. I literally couldn't get into the game, I could start another game as normal. And what fucking happens? My team remakes. I get another 5 game 20 fucking minute leaverbuster just because of a bug which didnt even allow me to connect to the fucking game. Not to mention that it counted as a goddamn loss and I'm now fucking 4-5 in my placements just because of a shitty bug in a shitty game. GG Rito, this is how you lose your playerbase.
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