[CRASH] Loading screen stuck at 100% / 0%

**Hello everybody.** Now i play league of legends alot, and im trying to hit gold before season end. But every once in a while, before game starts, im waiting for loading screen to end. It shows that everyone is on 100% so i expect the game to start any minute. it just gets stuck there for about 5 to 6 minutes or longer or until my team remakes. Its pretty annoying that i lose 16 lp and get 20 min penalties because of this. In some cases its not showing 100%, but 0% for everyone. The result is always same tho. But when this happens, the bugsplat window appears. The worst thing about this is that it ruins some of my promos, and you dont even know how long it takes for me to get 100lp. If somebody reading this knows a way to prevent it from happening again, i would like to know it. Thanks.
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