Game affecting Warwick bugs that would be really cool if they finally got fixed

The following bugs have existed since pretty much the Warwick rework, they aren't as big that they would cause you to lose but whenever you try to squeeze the maximum value out of your kit they are really annoying to deal with. I labeled them tier 1 to 3 (1 being the highest prioity) **Passive related bugs** - (1) Warwicks passive states that the healing he gets is multiplied by 3 whenever he is under 25% HP. However in reality the actual multiplier is 2.5 not 3 The Wiki has the numbers right so this might just be wrong wording on Riots part but if it isn't then Warwick is missing a lot of power. **Q related bugs:** - (1) Held Q sometimes doesn't trigger and Warwick just bites them with no additional effects (doesn't follow the enemy through mobility spells etc.). Reproduction rate is unknown. - (2) Using Q (tapping or holding it) just before the target dies will use the mana, the ability will go on cooldown but the damage and the healing wont trigger. [Video]( Other Point and Click abilities cancel themselfes and the ability can be used right after (For example Gangplank Q) - (3) Healing is delayed compared to the damage (with random timing) **W related bugs:** - (1) The movementspeed boost is unreliable, granting movementspeed for the opposite direction or not granting any movementspeed towards the target at all. - (2) Orb walking with Warwick is really clunky. you lose the AS buff when you issue a movement command and occasionally the first auto attack is issued with normal speed instead of the empowered one. - (1) If you respawn and there is a target under 50% HP on the map and is visible to Warwick, he wont gain the bonus movementspeed towards that target. Instead the target needs to be damaged by SOMETHING (doesn't matter what, a minion auto attack is enough) and only then Warwick will gain the bonus movementspeed. - (1) If a target stands between you and a hunted target, the bonus movementspeed will be cancelled out sometimes. You can see it [here]( - (1) The "tripled" bonuses are once again just multiplied by 2.5 instead of 3 - (3) Blood trail often needs a lot of time to update/appear and sometimes doesn't show the targets correct position. **R related bugs:** - (1) Using a blink in proximity of Warwick will fully cancel the ultimate mid-leap. Both ally AND enemy can cancel Warwicks ultimate this way, 100% reproduction rate (the timing has to be right) [Olaf Flashing]( [Yi Q]( [Zilean Flash]( [Ryze Flash]( [Graves Flash]( [Cassio Flash]( This bug is REAL FUN when there is a Kassadin in the game - (3) Red circle indicating the ult range likes to bug out and fail to update / go invisible / shrink until gone (especially after using Predator) **Rare / Undefined bugs** - (3) Warwick standing still for no reason, [video]( - (3) Ult gets a huge range for no reason, [picture]( **Not sure if it's a bug** - Recasting E starts an animation that cancels auto attacks, you can still use Q or any other spell but when you want to auto you just stun yourself for 0.25 seconds or so. Could be that this is intentional, still really annoying to deal with. - Holding down Q will let Warwick become immune to any kind of displacements, if it's a normal stun it will stop Warwick in it's tracks. If there is a stun after a displacement (Like Alistar) Warwick will ignore both instances of the cc. So Warwick is kind of unstoppable but at the same time isn't while holding down Q. - R hitbox is really clunky and often hits the person standing behind you instead of the person you ult towards Fixing the most important ones would really help with using Warwick to his maximum potential.
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