Unresponsive Matchmaking

For the last two days I've been having matchmaking issues with the client. The issues have to do with responsiveness: 1) When I create a game lobby the client can be unresponsive. 2) When I select my positions sometimes I get an incorrect error message (such as when I go to start the game it tells me I don't have positions selected when I do). 3) When I click "Find Match" the queue time doesn't start running. Ultimately, I am always able to get into a game but often have to recreate the lobby and go through the process several times. It seems like there is quite a big of lag in terms of my selections and the server/client realizing them. However, there is no difference in my ping or the responsiveness once I am in a game - this is a client only issue. EDIT: This tends to happen the most for my first game. Not sure what that means.

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