Account Transfers Down

Hello, just wanted to make a post since theres only been one other discussion regarding this recent problem and it was 2 months ago with no replies. I've been waiting to transfer my account from NA back to EUW, I'm doing this because I'm getting more into the game recently and the people I play with on NA dont play much anymore and it's not worth the 130 ping delay to stay on NA. I'm aware Account Transfers are down at the minute but I've not seen any indication as to when the problem will be fixed, what the problem is or if it will even be fixed at all. (Riot please dont pull a PBE RP Grant issue and ignore this issue for months and months before just making a half-assed fix that doesnt actually fix the problem at all) {{sticker:sg-lux-2}} So if a Rioter who has any clue what's going on with this happens upon this thread, please let me know if there's a fix in the works right now and if it will come soon, I'd like to be able to move server to actually play the game on reasonable ping, and I'm sure anyone else wanting to transfer would like this fixed soon too, even though we've been waiting weeks already. Thanks. :P
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