The Problem With Recent Updates, that we literally ALL know about.

The past two patches have arguably been some of the worst patches in League of Legends this season. The amount of bugs that have been happening is fucking insane. First the Annie Perma-Stun bug, Mordekaiser having a shit ton of bugs with his ult getting layered with enemy Mordekaiser ults (and having players literally walk through the Death Realm boundary) and Yasuo's broken windwall. I'm so sick of these bugs. Most of them have gotten fixed, but FIX THE CLIENT. Just today ALONE I have booted up S.R. games and not even made it into the game because either the loading screen freezes or the loading screen doesn't even boot up in the first place. I've gotten black screened four times this patch, and its been out for only TWO DAYS. TWO. DAYS. It is not okay that a multi-billion dollar company has issues like this happening so often, so many pro players are noticing it and calling it out and it seems like Riot doesn't care anymore. Revert this crappy client back to the old one until you fix the current one, PLEASE. I cannot STAND the constant bugs of me having to restart my client because of chests not opening, or even the shop not opening, or the dozens of games where I either come to laning phase five minutes late or just end up getting a leaver warning because I can't even start the game properly. This is absurd, and the client needs to be addressed and fixed ASAP.
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