Illaoi possible bugs

Since the patch with her changes, i've noticed a few things happening occasionally that seem to be bugged. In two separate games i have had times when my ult would land on multiple enemies, with no tentacles spawning. Needless to say that makes her ult basically worthless as it's damage is low and it's pretty much just used for spawning tentacles. The other bug was when i played against a teemo, i know that his blinds have some effects such as making your W not connect so tentacles won't slap, but i had multiple times where my tentacles would slap but did 0 damage to anyone (not even minions, when i had them strong enough for a single tentacle to one-shot ranged minions from full health). So either it was a graphical bug and the tentacles weren't supposed to slap because i was blind, or the blind is affecting spells as well which shouldn't happen. Nerfs are one thing, at least you know where you stand, but bugs that *sometimes* come into effect means you can't even prepare because it might happen it might now
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