client bug 5 MAJOR ERRORS AS OF JAN.14.2020

#1 client bug i tried to lock in my champ but it bugged out and wouldnt let me and time ran out and it kicked me, im in my promos will this count as a dodge? or a loss to my promos ? {{sticker:sg-soraka}} #2 edit client kicked me out compleatly and gave me this message when i was alrady logged in, im not the first one to have this, last game a teamate was unable to ban due to lag in client and ban button not working whats going on #3 yesterday i tried logging in mutiple times and it kept giving me an error had to restart client then log in on another server and log out and re log into main to gain access again #4 FRIEND LIST MISSING/CANT VIEW PROFILES OR TYPE IN CHAT edit #5 all socials gone RIOT PLS FIX THIS
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