Yasuo causing in game [Crash}

3 out of 3 times when picking Yasuo (project Yasuo skin for further detail) has crash the on entering summoner rift. As the characters are loaded onto the fountain it freezes the game like solid, can't quit the game client by any means soft or hard options. I need to reboot laptop and reconnect and then no problems for rest of game, but this takes 10 mins. I have been playing with friends each of these times and they game is fine they say I remain connect until I reboot the laptop. This has happened 3 out of 3 Yasuo games but with no other character. To make matters worse it has trigger Leave Buster on my account due to these crashes so the only think I can do is stop picking Yasuo until the problem is fixed. I have contacted tech support but they don't know how long the fix will take. Hopefully a new Patch will fix this has it has only happened recently and I have been playing Yasuo for a long time with no problems.
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